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Gerard Dole is on the air

Coeur de patate chaude

Gerard Dole and his Bayou Serenaders
Twelve New Songs Hot'n Spicy Louisiana Style

All songs: words & music by Gérard Dôle,
except track 9: trad. Gérard Dôle/David Rolland.

Gérard Dôle: lead vocals.
Christine Dôle Louveau de la Guigneraye: rhythm guitar, background vocals.
David Rolland: Acadian accordion, fiddles, guitars, banjo, ukulele, bass, harmony vocals.
Baptiste Rivaud: flutes.
Metal Mathieu : drums, sound effects.
Danielle Schlencker aka Lollypop: triangle, background vocals.
Brigitte Senouf, Viviane Martinet, Elizabeth Willenz,
Jean-Daniel Jolivald, Doc Martinet : background vocals.
The Wolf sisters and their children : background vocals in German on track 2.

Musical direction: David Rolland